The Beginning

I arrived in Ubon on or about June 14, 1965, from being assigned to Highlands AFS in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.
My first duty assignment was handling supply teletype traffic from Don Mong AB in Bangkok, Thailand. This was not very exciting work, the machines were extremely slow and we w
ere working out of  a mobile van that had been converted into a Communications Center.  However, it was not long until I was moved to the Combat Communication Center where the real action was happening daily.  The equipment was much faster and the working conditions were much more comfortable. The equipment had to be kept cool, so we had air conditioning.

“Radio 1570 “The Music Hobby Shop”

During the first week on base I stopped by the Base Library and I saw a door marked “The Music Hobby Shop.”  I opened the door and found equipment being installed to set up a broadcast station. I ask questions about the station and was told that SMSGT
Chuck Anger was in charge of the project. I got in touch with Sgt Anger and told him that I had some radio announcing experience and would like to be a part of the project in my off duty time. He said that would be great  since none of the others had any actual broadcast experience except himself. He said that the music supply was  limited because of the slow stocking of the base exchange where we were buying records to be played. I shared with Chuck that while I was working with a small radio station “WMDC” in Hazlehurst, Ms., that record publishers sent packs of newly released records weekly to the  station. I decided to  write to a few of the record companies and ask if they would put our station on their record distribution list. It took a few weeks, but we soon began to receive packages of records just like other radio stations back in the USA. We soon had most of the latest releases to play over the station.

For the first month or so we were only able to staff the station during the day because all of us had regular jobs. However, we soon began to attract more interest and we soon had enough announcers so that we were able to be on the air around the clock.

Good Morning Ubon


How it got started: